Diabetic Ulcers

Diabetic Ulcers and Bedsores are a complication of diabetes.
The cells of the skin become damaged and dry as a result of the diabetes leading to opportunistic infections. These are present in about 15% of all diabetics at any given time. Almost all diabetics will experience these infections at some point. They are most common in areas of the body where clothing, socks or shoes rub against the skin on an ongoing basis.
Many of these infections are gained because of the ongoing need for the diabetic to be present in hospitals, doctors & specialists offices where there is an increased risk of infection. Many of these infections such as MRSA have become an epidemic in our hospitals and many of them are antibiotic resistant or even immune to current drugs. Surprisingly enough, these antibiotic resistant bacteria have become a greater epidemic and are now killing more people than AIDS.
Once these diabetic ulcers or sores are present they can become chronic, lasting months or even years in duration along with all the pain and suffering that come with them.
The existing medical system works by treating the diabetic ulcers or bedsores with antibiotics. Of course because of the immunity of the bacteria this method frequently doesn't work and the ulcers or sores become larger and larger. When the antibiotics fail the medical system then resorts to such treatments as debridement, which is literally physically scraping out the diseased and dying or dead flesh from the wound or surgery including the removal of various body parts or diseased areas.
Ultimately these diabetic ulcers or bedsores can become so life threatening that the only solution is limb or foot amputation or even death.
Amazingly enough there has been a simple inexpensive home remedy that has been scientifically tested (I found over 140+ scientific papers since 1988!!!) that treats these ulcers and bedsores successfully at a fraction of the cost of hospital stays, specialist visits, prescriptions or surgical costs. The average diabetic spends around $600 per month on treatments and supplies related to the diabetes that are NOT covered by medical plans. Needless to say that is a major expense and frankly very unaffordable to many people.
We urge you to watch the 4 minute video above and learn more how you can easily and inexpensively treat yourself!